First International FDZ Data User Workshop, October 23 - 24

The first International FDZ Data User Workshop will bring together researchers and emerging scholars who work with German Social Security data in the network of Research Data Centers (FDZ) of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). Researchers will present and discuss innovative research topics in business, economics, and statistics using FDZ data. The workshop provides the ideal opportunity to meet with other researchers who work with FDZ administrative and survey data, to share experiences and resources and discuss data preparation. Empirical contributions on topics addressing mechanisms governing labor markets and the macroeconomic performance of the labor market will be presented. These include but are not limited to: demand and supply of labor, effects of labor market interventions, technological change, demographic changes and their interaction with employment, wages, and labor force participation, the impact of cyclical fluctuations on the composition of employment, investment, and productivity, firm organization, and human resource management.

Keynote Speaker

Prof. David Card (University of California Berkeley)

Local Organizer

Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan 426 Thompson St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA

Scientific Committee

Charles Brown (University of Michigan) ♦ Margaret Levenstein (University of Michigan) ♦ Matthew Shapiro (University of Michigan) ♦ Jeffrey Smith (University of Michigan) ♦ Till van Wachter (University of California Los Angeles) ♦ Johannes Schmieder (Boston University) ♦ Jörg Heining (IAB) ♦ Daniela Hochfellner (University of Michigan, IAB)


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